96% Worldwide Vehicles Coverage


Over 3000 Part Numbers and Accessories

First to Market, New Numbers Developed & Announced Monthly
Includes American, European, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Mid East, Africa and Chinese

Superior Stopping Power with High Temperature Fade Resistance


All Friction One Brakes Made with The Most Advanced Formulations 

OEM Style Positive Mold Production Line 
Manufacturing Facility Certified under IATF16949
Stable Stopping Power and Stopping Distances under Various Road Conditions, Various Speed, Temperatures & Pressures

Great Pedal Feel,Noise Free and Low Dust


Premium Formulas with The Finest Raw Materials, Advanced Production Process Reduces Noise and Dust

Innovative Slots & Chamfers Help Reduce Noise
The Latest Rubberized Shim Technology Substantially Eliminates Noise & Vibration
Asbestos Free, Heavy Metal Free & Low Copper, Low Dust

Longer Pads & Rotors Life


Friction Formulas Designed Specifically to Low Wear on Both Pads and Rotors

Rotor Friendly with Smooth Surface

All Friction One Brakes Rigorously Tested & Holds Certificates


ISO TS16949-2015 Certified Facility

ECE-R90 Certification
Meet or Exceed SAE2784 Performance/SAE2521 Noise/SAE2707 Wear Tests 
AMECA Certification
NSF Low Copper, Heavy Metal Free Certification 
All Friction One Products Insured by US Insurance

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